Alumni Web Platforms created at the websites of the University of Montenegro and University of Pristina (UPKM)


All alumni of the University of Pristina in Kosovska Mitrovica and the University of Montenegro are automatically enrolled as members of their respective Alumni Associations. Moreover, graduates of individual faculties within each university become members of respective alumni clubs associated with their academic fields. This inclusive structure ensures that every member of the Alumni Association is also part of their respective faculty's alumni club. Membership is both complimentary and lifelong, with registration facilitated through electronic platforms.

Collaboration between the universities and their alumni spans various domains, including education, research, and career advancement. Through joint activities and events, alumni, students, and staff engage in ongoing cooperation, facilitated by the same electronic platform utilized for registration. Access to and utilization of this platform are provided free of charge to all users, fostering seamless connectivity and nurturing a vibrant community spirit.

For the Alumi Web platfrom at the University of Montenegro you can visit the following link: and for the Alumni Web Platform at the University of Pristina: of Form

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Alumni WebPlatform University of Montenegro and UPKM